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My Mum’s Best Friend tells the story of Sally, an openly lesbian, mature single woman living with her 18 year old daughter, Natalia. Sally’s young, blonde lover Natalie suddenly has some competition when Sally befriends Marlyn, a newly divorced woman looking for sexual thrills and curious about lesbian sex.
Sally is more than happy to quench Marlyn’s thirst for the unknown whilst Natalie turns her attentions to Sally’s young daughter Natalia. Natalia and her buxom young friend Cate are only too welcoming of Natalie, and so too is Marlyn, now wanting to experience as much lesbian sex as possible, be it with young or mature women.
The result is a mixture of highly erotic milf on milf and milf on young girl sex in beautiful surroundings and starring beautiful women.

Genre: Uncategorized

Director: Viv Thomas

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